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I signed up with ChatGPT

 Not sure, but I think this is artificial intelligence.

I had and still have high hopes and expectations.

At first, I thought, oh-boy, ChatGPT can write articles about the San Juan’s for me so I jumped in without any idea what to do or how to do it.

I randomly chose James Island for my experiment and entered into the chat box, “create essay about James Island State Park, WA”

I have pasted below the exact response created.  Please take note, there are a bunch of errors and inaccurate reporting’s.  Those of us familiar with James will spot the egregious miss-information right away.  At the end of the essay, I noted some mistakes.

My Instructions for ChatGPT:  “create essay about James Island State Park, WA”


James Island State Park is a breathtaking destination located in the state of Washington. The park, which spans 554 acres, is situated on the Strait of Juan de Fuca, offering visitors stunning views of the Olympic Mountains and the surrounding islands. In this essay, we will explore the history, features, and attractions of James Island State Park.

The History of James Island State Park


Quick distance chart from where you are to where you want to be in the San Juan Islands

First published 7/30/2016      
Every skipper needs to know how far it is from A to B.

      Here's a handy chart with the work already done, the distances are via the shortest route.

Distance in miles between the san Juan's popular stops
Note: The shortest route may not be the fastest or best route when currents and other issues are taken into account!
These numbers are approximate, and were derived by simply clicking "measure route" on a chart. Since making this chart I have come across several u-tube videos with distances that don't agree with  mine. Be sure to not rely on others and do your own calculations. 


Map locating Boat Ramps, Docks, Marine Parks and boat launching ramps serving the San Juan Islands

Map of San Juan Island Area
With selected Parks, Docks, and Trailer Boat Ramps

 •  Boat Ramps = Purple    Parks = Red  •  Docks = Green
Most docks (floats) are in parks, resorts, marinas and may be used for overnight camping. Boat launching ramps have long term parking.  Parks without docks have anchor buoys or areas suitable for anchoring.

The facilities listed, are in my opinion, most useful for cruisers, which means lots of private resorts are not shown because they don't cater to transient boaters.

Click on the picture and then enlarge it to see dot colors better!

Note on trip planning:
I don't recommend taking your boat on a ferry and launching somewhere in the islands.  However if you must, there are county ramps on all four  islands served by the ferries except Shaw.  Many private resorts have ramps but they are inferior at best, nonfunctional at worst. The one exception is Jackson Beach Park  (Port of Friday Harbor) near Friday Harbor on San Juan Island. Jackson has a good double ramp and float and you can park for free up to 72 hours.
The mainland ramps I recommend are Washington Park, Deception Pass Park or Squalicum Harbor (#1 choice most trips is Squalicum Harbor in Bellingham)