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San Juan Area Boating Pictures

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Kraken Christmas
new improved 2016 tree and Frosty
Kraken Christmas ship
2019 Christmasships at St Helens

Christmas Ships St Helens
36 Christmas Ships at St Helens for 2018 Parade

Emerging from  fog at Thatcher Pass

sailing, camping, San Juans, boating, Deception Pass, Park
Canon firing in Deception Pass
Sailboat rigging terminology
talk like an old salt and name that thinghy

What dinghy's are good for at Matia Island
Tee shirt sales on Stuart Island on walk to lighthouse, self serve payment system
Self serve T shirt sales on Stuart Island (honor system purchases)
One room school still in use on Stuart (closed for summer)(2015- closed)
Tame deer on Jones Island in the San Juan's
Tame Deer on Jones Island
James Island dock and campground
Full dock at James Island
overloaded dinghy
How much free-board did you say?
Observation tower atop Mt Constitution on Orcas Island
 Mushroom rock on Sucia (used as survey marker in early days)
Matia Island State Park dock
San Juan Osprey

San Juan Eagle

Deer at Jones Island State Park
Jones Island resident ranger
Buck in Velvet on Jones Island
We have seen so many deer on Jones over the years that I am sure we are watching some grow up along with our kids.  Is this the little buck that looked cross eyed at a marshmallow my son stuck on its nose one quiet evening around a campfire. Is it the one that met me at the waters edge when I came ashore in the dinghy?

Jones Island Deer

Lopez Island baby deer

Sharpe Cove rabbit

Stuart Island State Park Lighthouse and Museum are one hour walk from Prevost or Reid Harbors
Turn point lighthouse on Stuart (now houses museum)
"Sunshine" sharing slip (red gas can) with Ocean Alexander at Roche Harbor
total embarrassment
Echo Bay on Sucia
Main concourse at Roche Harbor
Sculpture Garden at Roche Harbor
More Sculpture Garden
More Sculptures
spinning sculpture
15 degrees heel,  must be sailing
I see you too
long uphill hike to Cypress Lake on Cypress Island
Begin this walk at Eagle Harbor for shortest distance.

Trail to Smugglers Cove on Cypress
Volunteers are needed to do some trail pruning
Cabin at Smugglers cove on Cypress
Pelican Beach
Matia's true owner
Float at Matia, Sucia in background
Minus tide at Rolfe Cove on Matia Island in the San Juan's
minus tide at Matia
alien moss like plant
Mossy rock on Matia Island
more cool moss
creepy stuff
Shallow Bay on Sucia Island
Shallow Bay  (Sucia) gets a negative dinghy beach rating
Shallow Bay on Sucia Island
 China Caves on Sucia
Sucia Island State Park kybo
True Love
Shallow Bay on Sucia Island in the San Juans
Mothers nightmare
Shallow Bay entrance buoys on Sucia Island
What's red and green with rocks all around?
new dock at North cove on Jones Island in the San Juans
 New dock at Jones Island
Jones Island hiking trail
Easy hiking on Jones
playing with expensive self inflating jacket
Sea Otter on James Island dock
Otter lives under  James Island float
James Island float in the San Juans
James Island float
Deception Pass bridge in Deception Pass State Park
 Deception Pass
Friday Harbor on San Juan Island from stairway to whale museum
 Friday Harbor
Seal begging at Friday Harbor
 begging for a hand out
Rosario Resort float at Orcas Island
Killer Whales in Haro Strait
 Haro Strait
Rosario Resort on Orcas Island
Butchart Gardens fountain
Butchart Gardens
Butchart Gardens fountain night time
Butchart Garden
Inner Harbor dock at Victoria British Columbia
Inner Harbor at Victoria
Butchart Gardens in bloom
Butchart Garden
Pretty lady in Butchart Garden
 Butchart Garden
Jelly Fish in Puget sound
Jelly fish
afterdark at Butchart Gardens
Butchart Garden
Government building in Victoria BC
Government building, Victoria
checking oil in the San Juan's
checking the oil level
fat seal with bath tub ring at Oak Harbor
high grounded
Mt baker from the San Juans
Mt Baker

Cap Sante in Anacortes
 Cap Sante - Anacortes
Guemes Channel sea birdhouse
 Sea Bird condominiums
crossing Strait of Juan De Fuca
 Lazy times
Washington State Ferry and Mt Baker
 18 mph
James Island State Park dock
 James Island
Hiking to top of James Island
say cheese (summit of James Island)
Wind Song in the San Juan's
Wind Song (before the infamous fire)
kayakers campground at James Island
 Kayakers campground on James
Racoon at James Island
Watch out these guys are bold

Ferry coming around corner of Shaw Island
Coming around the corner at Lopez
Odlin Park county float
Odlin County Park
Ferry and Mt Baker in the San Juans
favorite knot

Eastsound county dock
 County dock at Eastsound
 good times
Skull Island Park in the San Juan's
Skull Island Park in Massacre Bay  (West Sound)
tame deer on Jones Island
Tame pygmy deer on Jones
tame deer on Jones Island #2
Same Deer
tame deer on Jones Island #3
picking overhead apples the teamwork way
Jones Island State Park

Jones Island State Park tidepools
meeting new friends  (Jones for sure)
Jones Island hiking trail
 out for a walk along the shoreline trail (Jones I think)
Roche Harbor dinghies on 4th of July
heading for the dinghy docks at Roche Harbor
Roche Harbor on 4th of July
4th of July dinghy balloon contest

Friday Harbor breakwater 4th of July 2016  - 164 foot Eileen
164 foot Eileen steals show and view of fireworks on 4th of July at Friday Harbor (2016)

Sailing the San Juan's

fire damage from shorted heater cord
Wind Song fire caused by extension cord plug overheated and shorted
fire damage from shorted heater cord
Smoke damage caused boat to be totaled
map chart of the San Juans
San Juan area
Matia Island rain forest
 Rain forest?
Matia Island cove
 East cove Matia, Lummi Island in background
Matia Island cove #2
 small boats only
Matia Island

Matia Island cove #3

Matia Island  #2
Rolfe Cove on Matia Island
 my favorite cove
Patos Island anchorage in the San Juans
Patos Island (beached parks boat)
Sucia Island State Park
 Maybe Sucia?
Gulf Islands sunset
Maybe looking towards Saltspring Island from Montague Harbor area
Matia Island float
 Oh boy, a boat full of kids coming in to quell the boredom!
Rolfe Cove on Matia in the San Juan's
 throwing rocks in the hole (low tide only)
Clark Island State Park
only way to get to Clark Island (Barnes and Orcas in back)
Doe Island State Park in the San Juan's
 Doe Island float before storm damage (Orcas across channel)
Obstruction Pass State Park
 Little visited
Cap Sante Marina from Cap Sante in Anacortes
 Cap Sante Marina from top of Cap Sante
Top of Cap Sante looking toward Saddlebag Island State Park
 Looking north from top of Cap Sante  (Saddlebag is 3rd from right)
Pacific Madrone on Orcas Island
Pacific Madrone
Anacortes City deer
Anacortes deer are much bigger than little ones on Jones Island
Sharpe cove float in Burroughs Bay at Deception Pass
Bowman Bay at Deception Pass Park  (Sharpe Cove float removed for winter)
Maiden of Deception Pass at Sharpe cove
Maiden of Deception Pass (at Sharpe Cove)
Turn Point at Stuart Island
Find this marker at Stuart Island Lighthouse

Fort Whitman on Goat Island in Swinomish Channel
Fort Whitman on Goat Island
False Creek  in Vancouver BC Granville Market Landing
Aqua Buses at Granville Island - False Creek in Vancouver BC
Malibu Rapids outbound
Malibu  Rapids outbound

Malibu Rapids inbound
Malibu Rapids inbound
Princess Louisa Inlet
Princess Louisa Inlet

View of Chatterbox Falls from float in Princess Louisa Inlet