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Cattle Point Resident

     Look who we met on the edge of the road while biking to Cattle Point and American Camp?

     We are on the high bluff overlooking Cattle Point and the Strait of Juan De Fuca with nothing but grassy fields in all directions.  This healthy looking guy appeared to be looking for handouts.

Fox at cattle point
Fox at cattle point
Fox at cattle point
I have never seen a fox that hasn't seen me first and wasn't running for the hills.

Another good reason for getting off the boat.


10+ things To keep on the boat for successful trips in the San Juan's or just to the river.

    Over the years I have been impressed by well prepared boaters I meet.  A skipper will offer to lend me a tool or give me a spare part he just happens to have on board.

      What really impresses me is when they say "just a second, let me take a look" and they are back in one minute with exactly what I need.  I can't find one of my five flashlights let alone a spare 3/8" galvanized shackle in under thirty minutes.

      I carry stuff I may need, and of course some of it is never needed, but I never know, so yes, "let me take a look."

Tool for you tool kit on the boat

 Here is my incomplete list of things I keep on the boat all the time, you may have your own ideas.

Not necessarily in order of importance:

  1. Dramamine seasickness pills or gum.
    1. take them ahead of time if you suspect a problem
  2. Extra line or rope.
    1. You may never need it, but someone else might.
      1. I carry an old barbeque bag stuffed full of misc. long and short lines.
  3. Miscellaneous tools.
    1. Vise grips, adjustable wrench, four way screwdrivers, needle nose pliers, channel locks, wire and rope cutters, knife - more? yes a flashlight
  4. An oar or paddle for the big boat
    1. Even a thirty footer may be paddled a short distance.
  5.  A telescoping boat hook.
  6. A bucket with a strong bail. (lately I have been using those square kitty litter ones cause they fit below deck better)
  7. Duct tape, cable ties, hose clamps, roll of ss wire. Coffee cup full of nuts bolts screws little things, pencils
  8. Big sponge, big rag, paint thinner.
  9. Big magnet with an eye.  (this has saved my cookies, big time)
  10. Mirror
  11. Basic first aid supplies
    1. At the very least I bring along  bandaids for minor cuts.
  12. Soft Scrub w/bleach - you need this!
I don't see any reason to make an exhaustive list with things like - an anchor, extra batteries, spare filters, fuel additive, energy bars, pretzels, etc.  Those things belong on a different list.