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When is a bumper a fender?

       Sometimes I run out of useful boating and San Juan stuff to write, this is one of those times.
I have always thought when I heard someone say bumpers when they meant fenders, that they simply aren't as nautical as they could be.

       I came across a statement that I have no idea if it is valid, but sounds good, so I'm going to repeat it here. Here goes. "A fender is loose and may be moved around where as a bumper is permanently attached."

       So, those horizontal fenders I see lashed, nailed or knotted permanently on the sides of some slips, floats and even a few swim platforms and dinghies too, are actually bumpers.

And those funny looking hanging steps are neither.

Just something to ponder.


Bicycle Camping in the San Juan Island's Area

      Yes yes yes, you can bicycle camp in the islands.  However campsites are limited.  Basically there are two choices. #1 spend some real money and go to a resort that has set up a campground which will likely be a lawn area behind some rental cabins or #2 go to a county or state  park that has set aside walk in sites. Most walk in are group sites where you will share with others but you can reserve private sites at all the parks.

       Here are the parks that are bicycle friendly.  Many of the posts on this site refer to combining bike camping with boat camping.  Marine parks for boat camping are a click away. marine parks

      Hiker/biker/vehicle parks:
  1. Washington Park in Anacortes. This city park is a five minute ride to the ferry terminal.  Tip. Consider reserving a campsite and leaving  your land cruiser here in a campsite while biking the islands.
  2. Odlin County Park on Lopez Island
  3. Spencer Spit State Park on Lopez Island
  4. San Juan County Park on San Juan Island
  5. Moran State Park on Orcas Island
  6. Shaw Island County Park
  7. Obstruction Pass State Park on Orcas Island
  8. Deception Pass State Park on the mainland
     Our family has enjoyed many multi generational, multi interest outings where we combine boating, biking, kayaking, hiking and car camping all in a week or two in the San Juan's. Think outside the box.  Often, we meet up with our children coming by bike or car and transport them and their gear to the marine parks. Days later we drop them off at a ferry landing or back to Washington Park. Remember,  inter-island ferry service is free for foot passengers and bikers. Kayaks on transport wheels may be charged a minimal fee if at all.

Waterfront boat accessible bicycle camping, Washington Park, Odlin county park, Spencer Spit State park, San Juan county Park, Shaw Island Park, Obstruction Pass, Deception Pass Park

So, don't hesitate to embark on a bicycle camping adventure in the San Juan Islands. With the right planning and a spirit of adventure, you can have a fantastic experience exploring the islands by bike.