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IDEAS for this summers cruises in the San Juans


      Readers remind me that some places I suggest and visit myself are technically not part of the San Juan's.  When I look at my list I see only three or four
 that are truly San Juan Island's destinations. That's why the web site title includes "Surrounding Area"

Note:  these are not ideas I am suggesting for you, they are places I am thinking about for me.
If you are a newbie, you should go to tried and true hot spots like Roche - Friday - Jones - Sucia - La Conner - Deception Pass. Use the search box - it's all there and then some.

If you have been around the San Juan's awhile you may be looking for new ideas, that's what my list is about.

       My short list for 2018

  • I would like to spend a few days anchored at False Creek in Vancouver (we really enjoyed Granville Island and Stanley Park) (60 miles, one way) - ouch
  • Explore West Sound,  we haven't entered West Sound for fifteen years. I guess it has been a drive by sound for us. I want to check out the marina and possibly see about making a bike/hike ride to one of  the Turtleback Mt trailheads.
  • Hike Vendovi Preserve. This little jaunt will happen for sure.
  • Visit Lummi Island (we biked it in 2017, it's really flat and easy, I want to do it again)
  • Visit Victoria -  Last time we had three little kids with us and lots of pea soup fog,  just the two of us should be easier if we can avoid any fog.
  • Hike Eagle Bluff  (closed every year until after July 15)
  • Take a shot again at bike hiking up  Mt Constitution, probably start at Olga this time
  • I am thinking of skipping 4th of July, but Lopez is on my radar if we go anywhere
  • maybe go see Nanaimo or some Gulf Island Parks (means a lot of motoring) I doubt this will happen. (we went to  Newcastle Park many years ago and had fun, but like Vancouver, it's a lot of motoring) maybe we can ride the current both ways.  
  • Might want to anchor at Smallpox Bay for a night and do some orca watching.
Okay, that's about it. It's not much to choose from. Because of the miles involved, I don't see us visiting Victoria, Vancouver and Nanaimo on the same trip.  I'll let this simmer for awhile and see what floats to the top.  Lately we have fallen into the trap of repeating what we are comfortable with. I don't know if that is good or bad, but now I'm thinking of adding Jones Island to the list.  So should I not go to Jones because I really enjoy it and feel comfortable there?  Seems counterproductive to avoid visiting somewhere you really like.

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