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I have always known the devastating effects of UV radiation.
  How can you miss hearing about it with today's instant internet news.

If you are like me, you have pretty much ignored it though - that is until about ten years back when I had two of my travel trailer tires pop one at a time while on a trip.

On close inspection all four had simply rotted with age.  They had very little miles and virtually all the tread was perfect.

UV radiation is more than just sunshine - it's all daylight all the time.

My trailer boater days run from spring to Christmas, then I change the oil and put the boat away for about 4-5 months.  Now I also cover my tires so I wont be buying new ones.

You can probably get some tire sacks from your local tire store, but I don't like the bright colors and I already had some extra 6 mil plastic.

All I did was cut the plastic into a long enough strip to circle my wheel and then use my desk stapler to close the top leaving an open gap in the back for the axle.

BTW, my covers frustrate cats and dogs too.
uv cover protects rubber from damage
Save your tires - black construction plastic stapled into a bag shape
another cheap  option --  use big black garbage bags


Nine Little Coves and Backdoors in the San Juan's

      It's easy to go to the marine parks and jostle with the other boaters at the dock or scramble amongst a minefield of anchors and buoys.  Sometimes seclusion and communing with nature is simply a matter of going around the point.

East cove Matia Island  facing Lummi in the San Juan Islands
Low tide and still lots of water for anchoring, but open to swell from Rosario Strait.

       As with all gunkholing and exploring, you must be vigilant, watch for rocks, know your tide range and proceed dead slow  or pay the price.
Speaking of paying >>>   paying the price

  Suggested backdoors, (none preferred over another) and places to get away from other boaters.
  • Matia Island:  Matia Cove is a fairly long indent (see pic) at the east end of the island and holds several boats. An unnamed cove is just around the corner from Rolfe Cove where Matias dock is located.  Both these coves offer anchorage away from the usual hustle and bustle.
  • Sucia Island: Snoring Bay is between Echo Bay and Fossil Bay on Sucia and Ewing Cove is accessed via Echo bay on the northeast side.  Both coves offer access to the Sucia trail system, and may have anchor buoys still intact.
  • Saddlebag Island:  This state park is so little visited, you may consider the entire island a backdoor, but there is a second minor cove on the south side with a great view of Cap Sante should the northside be full up.
  • Inati Bay on Lummi Island is located on the southeast side of Lummi Island.  This medium size cove holds a handful of boats and is a perfect storm refuge when you are caught on your way to or from Squalicum Harbor.
  • Cypress Head: The normally used cove with anchoring and buoys is on the north side of the isthmus and open to passing wakes, but the long cove on the south side of the isthmus is easily navigated and may be calm. Watch your depth here.
  • Doe Island State Park: The last we looked (2015) the float was still gone but you can anchor here in relative peace and protection.
  • East Sound:  If you're at Eastsound (the city) and it gets dark, you can anchor in Judd Bay on the far north end (left side) of East Sound.  You will be a dinghy ride from the Eastsound dock which does not allow overnighting.  Anchoring near the county dock is liable to be rolly.
  • Roche Harbor:  If  crowds drive you bonkers and you want to run away, just run two miles to Westcott or Garrison Bay.  Anchor anywhere but watch your depth and don't block access.  You wont be totally  secluded or alone, but you will be away from the mob at Roche.
  • Smallpox Bay:  This small bay is on the Haro Strait side of San Juan Island just a few miles south of Roche Harbor  (scoot through Mosquito Pass) it's a dinghy ride to shore  at this San Juan County Park where campers watch for orca's.
  • There are lots more hidden places, too many to list but you can use the search box the for them. Search - coves, bays, anchoring, camping, parks, things to do, places to go, etc.
      You can anchor off to one side virtually anywhere but you may suffer wakes.  I left out well known places like Blind Bay, Fisherman Bay, Parks Bay. which will all be crowded.  I wanted to suggest mostly secluded easily overlooked locations that will be appreciated by the discerning recluse.