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San Juan area campgrounds with boat ramps

      If camping is your primary activity and your boat is for day use such as exploring, fishing and crabbing, 
you will find these parks of interest.

On the mainland:

  • Washington Park in Anacortes - located one mile past the ferry landing.
Washington Park boat ramp in the San Juan's, the fastest and shortest way to Friday Harbor
Washington Park boat ramp in Anacortes
Excerpt from their website: In the campground there are 68 campsites, 46 have water and electrical hook-ups. These rent for $27 a night. There are 22 non-utility sites that rent for $21 per night. There are 25 sites available on a first-come, first-served basis. Please note that reservations must be made 14 days in advance. A sewer dump station is located near the park exit. Camping check-in and check-out time is 1 p.m. The campground is open year round. Please note: Maximum stay limit is 14 days. Visit the reservation website.  click here >> Washington Park The boat launch at Washington Park was developed and is maintained for the specific use of recreational boaters. Boat launch parking is $9/day and boaters may stay a maximum of 14 days. The two lane launch ramp is suitable for all trailer-able boats, power or sail.  You may not overnight at dock, but may anchor nearby. Ramp is a short walk to campground.

  • Deception Pass State Park - roughly ten miles south of Anacortes.  It is important to note some of the differences between Washington Park and Deception Pass Park.  While Deception Pass camp sites exceed three hundred in three different campgrounds, none are walking distance to the four lane boat ramp at Cornet Bay. However the modern well designed boat ramp claims to have two thousand feet of side tie moorage and overnight at the dock for up to three nights is allowed. Anchoring close by is simple and free. The ramp parking lot is massive and long term is allowed for a fee.
Deception Pass boat ramp at Cornet Bay
Four lane all tide - Cornet Bay ramp at Deception Pass Park is open 24/7

Lastly, Those putting in at Washington Park will be much closer to the inner island area after simply crossing Rosario Strait, but those putting in at Cornet Bay will have to deal with the pass and a longer run up Rosario or an even longer run through Swinomish Channel.  These are not insignificant differences and should be well considered according to your overall plan before making your decision.

On the Islands:
  • Odlin County Park on Lopez Island
Odlin park has thirty one campsites and reservations are a good idea.  The boat ramp is sub parr at best and is not suitable for anything but a small skiff and a four wheel drive. There is no ramp dock and best used at high tide only. The ramp is a short walk to the campground.
  • San Juan County Park on San Juan Island
San Juan park is very similar to Odlin park with twenty six sites, they also take reservations.
The boat ramp is also sub parr and should only be considered for skiffs being hauled with four wheel drives, again the ramp is in the park and there is no float.
  • Moran State Park on Orcas Island is a State Park as is Deception Pass. They boast over one hundred campsites, some suitable for RV's.  Moran park is not ocean front and does not have a salt water ramp, however it is only five miles to the county boat ramp at Obstruction Pass.
          A private park alternative on Orcas Island is West Beach Resort in Eastsound, they have         camping, docks and a boat ramp, suitable for skiffs and four wheel drives.

  • San Juan Island:  If you take your skiff to San Juan Island and stay at a private residence, rental or hotel you can put the boat in at Jackson Beach day use park. The ramp is well designed, has parking and a dock. Jackson Beach is about two miles from Friday Harbor.

Ferry's and trailers:
        Don't forget to check the ferry schedules and fares, hauling trailers on the ferry can get expensive and frustrating - very few do it!

My recommendation for mainland camping is that you get a reservation and camp at Washington Park, 
the run time to Friday Harbor is under an hour, the entire San Juan area will be at your door.