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You should ride "San Juan Transit"

    It's not too early to be making plans for your next trip to the San Juan's.
Part of making workable plans is knowing what your options are.  If all you want to do is sit on your boat in some secluded hideaway, then stop right now.
           If on the other hand you think about what new excursions wait you if you just had some way to get around, keep reading.

         Did you know that San Juan Transit runs a "Sunset Tour" from Friday Harbor to Lime Kiln?  It takes about an hour.

         Did you know that you can ride your bicycle to any point they service and then come back on the little bus if you are too tuckered to ride back?  5 bucks, and if it's raining, still 5 bucks.

        Here's an idea, I'm going to do.  I'm going to start out by riding to American Camp, Then hop the transit over the mountain to English Camp, then ride to Roche and then catch the transit back to Friday Harbor.

     San Juan Transit carries bicycles on the front and if they have  more they bring them inside.
one way fare is $5, all day is $15, two day is $25.

      With a little creative thinking outside the box and free inter-island ferry service, you can get off the boat and expand your horizons.  Sit down with a ferry and transit schedule and see what you can come up with.  (they are both online)
 Daily, May 20th to Oct 6th (2016) - Before waiting for the bus, check the most recent schedule at or call 360 378 8887

Lopez Island Transit stops - Weekend service only on Lopez - June 21 to Sept 7

Ferry Landing – Odlin Park – Lopez Farm Cottages – Lopez Village – Golf Course – Shark Reef Park – South End Gen Store – Lopez – School – Hummel Lake – Spencer Spit State Park – Lopez Village Market –

Orcas Island Transit stops - Weekend service only on Orcas - June 17 to Sept 5

Ferry Landing – West Sound – Turtleback Mtn. Trailhead -  Deer Harbor – Golf Course – Eastsound Market – Rosario Resort – Moran St Park –

San Juan Island Transit stops - Daily service, May 20 to Oct 6 (2016) 
See spring , summer, and fall schedules 

Friday Harbor ferry – American Camp – Lavender Farm – Lime Kiln/Whale Watch St Park – SJ County Park – Snug Harbor Resort – Krystal Acres Alpacas – English Camp – Sculpture Park – Roche Harbor Resort – Lakedale Resort – San Juan Vineyard

Sunset ride from Friday Harbor to Lime kiln and back. Be at the stop 3/4 hour before sunset.
Friday Harbor stop is the little foot passenger island opposite  the ferry waiting lanes!
Orcas Isalnd - Lopez - San Juan Transit