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I Broke My Favorite Anchor

             I use a folding grappling hook type anchor for my secondary anchor.  I usually heave it off the stern, or paddle it out with the dinghy, and set it by pulling the primary in, shortening scope.

Anyway, last week I was helping out at a Boy Scout Eagle project, and we were pulling some small shrubbery stumps, and I got the great idea to use my anchor to hook onto the stumps and snap, I broke the cast iron shank right at the base. (No, I wasn't pulling stumps with my boat, that would be weird)

So now I'm short my favorite anchor,  but more importantly, how much should an anchor hold and should it break?  I didn't think I was pulling that hard on the stump, it seemed to break with little effort.

I'm wondering, of all the times I have anchored using my folding anchor, how close was I to snapping the shank and coming unhooked.

I would prefer that things bend and not break when overloaded, is that too much to expect?
I don't know the answer, but I'm going to take a good look at all my gear, especially things made of cast parts.
Broken Grappling hook anchor
The shank broke under the locking bell