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Here's how to get to the Alpaca Ranch and gift shop on San Juan Island

    Traveling by boat around the San Juan's will get very boring if you don't go ashore once in a while.

     Here is an excellent suggestion for a half day outing.  This is what we did.  We swung into Garrison Bay, off Mosquito Pass (we were headed for Roche Harbor) and motored right to the little dinghy dock at English Camp.  We squeezed in just long enough to unload our bicycles and then moved over fifty feet and anchored, paddling back in the dinghy.  So far so good.

     Next we peddled to the interpretation center for a two minute look around, but there was nothing new, so we pushed our bikes up the trail and through the parking lot and back onto the trail, until we got to West Valley road and the trail-head to Young Hill.  Don't quit on me now, you have only walked 1,900 feet so far.

    We padlocked our bikes to the gate and hiked to the top of Young Hill.  This is a killer hike and you can do it in under an hour, but bring lots of water. Search this site for Young Hill to see pictures and the hike.  You can skip the hike if you want or skip the bike part.

    When we got back down from Young Hill we unlocked the bikes and coasted down West Valley road all the way to Krystal Acres Alpaca Ranch and gift shop.  Thankfully we coasted the entire way because our legs needed a break.

     All total, the distance to Krystal Acres from the dinghy dock is about one mile, so this is not a difficult or long bike ride, in fact, you could make it an easy two mile round trip walk if you don't bicycle.

    I know some of you are thinking, but what about the ride back up all the road you just coasted down.  It wasn't that steep, we were able to peddle the entire way back. There are no bike lanes or even much of a shoulder but there also isn't much traffic.

    That's it, an easy relaxing way to spend the afternoon on shore and when you get back to the boat, you can stay anchored right where you are, or run the 3 1/2 miles over to Roche and get a slip for the night.

Alpacas San Juan Island Krystal Acres, things to do places to go  -  (360) 378-6125 - The folks there gave me this great picture to show. Visit the gift shop,  get some yarn.