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What happens when a big boat drags anchor and slams into you?

     What happens when a big boat drags anchor and slams into you? The quick answer is, "nothing good." This is a short synopsis of what happened to us one 4th of July at Roche Harbor.
Roche Harbor 4th of July boats at dock

     In about thirty minutes the Roche Harbor staff will be lowering the flags and firing the cannon. Several times in past years, circumstances or poor planning have caused me to miss the ceremony. The firing of the cannon is what I really want to see. The belching smoke, the jagged dagger of flame, the explosive echo’s ricocheting across Roche Harbor. I anticipate a fantastic kick off for my best fireworks ever. Finally, the stars have aligned for me, and on the fourth of July at that. This is already a great trip. The kids will stay on the boat while Linda and I paddle ashore.  The lowering of the flags and cannon firing will be at sundown.
      I am in the cockpit tending to the dinghy, anxiously waiting to leave. When I look over at the boat anchored near us, I sense that it looks different. It is about thirty-five or forty feet long and easily over fifteen feet tall at the upper bridge.  The wind has been steadily increasing for the past hour and I suspect this apartment size power boat is catching the wind and straining at the anchor lines which would make him appear to move a little closer to us. I ask Linda, “Do you think that boat is getting closer?” As I’m watching, I become sure it is half the distance it was when I first noticed. Now I know for sure, we have a problem, the boat is only ten feet away. There is nothing I can do. The other boats anchor has broken out and it is dragging into us. The last ten feet closes rapidly, suddenly he is against us. I hold him off long enough to grab a fender and place it between us saving us both from damage. I am yelling and banging on his hull with my fist trying to get their attention, but Linda tells me she saw all of them leave earlier. 


4th of July in the San Juan Islands - Fireworks - Parades - Celebrations

Here is a list of independence day celebrations, parades and fireworks planned on Lopez, Orcas, and San Juan Island.

     Reserve a slip at the Friday Harbor Marina, but if you just show up, there is always room for another anchor and the paddle over to the dinghy dock is super short. (FYI -  anchoring in the cove places you directly in front of the fireworks barge -- there is no better or closer view possible for your independence day grand finale)

           We had such a fun time last year at Friday Harbor celebrating the Fourth of July that we are going back for a vacation cruise repeat in 2017.    

Don't limit yourself -- below is a list of Orcas, San Juan, and Lopez island fireworks and celebrations planned for the 4th.
Some of the festivities are for different dates so with a little planning you can attend several events.

I copied some of these snippets from last year (so the dates are wrong for 2017 and some events may be altered) 
You may read about the entire year of events right here >>  >> Chamber of commerce for San Juan Island

Roche Harbor Resort Events on the 4th of July

Enjoy the Family 3.3K Fun Run, log-rolling contest, blindfolded dinghy race, doughnut eating contest, children's games, live music and fireworks.

Fun Run at Yellow Brick Road

Kids Games at Pool Lawn 12:30-2:30 p.m. - Doughnut Eating at West Lawn

Blindfolded Dinghy Race 4:00 p.m. - Log Rolling at Wharf Building

Fireworks Show in the Harbor at dusk!

Friday Harbor: on the 4th of July

Monday, July 4, 2016  All Day

​Friday Harbor's 4th of July highlights include a small-town parade, a community picnic, live music, dancing and fireworks! The parade, known as one of the top 10 small town parades in the nation, passes through downtown Friday Harbor at 10:30am. Immediately following the parade, the 'Pig War Picnic' put on by the Kiwanis, will be held at the San Juan Historical Museum grounds. Expect live music and a great lunch. At dinner time, the Port of Friday Harbor will be putting on music in the Port parking lot, followed by the biggest and best Fireworks show beginning at dusk, approximately 10:00p.m.

Orcas Island: for the 4th of July (check dates)
Orcas Island chamber of Commerce

July 1. Orcas Community Parade. Sponsor: Orcas Island Chamber of Commerce
July 3. Deer Harbor Fireworks. Sponsor: Bellport Deer Harbor Marina

July 4. Eastsound Fireworks. Sponsor: Orcas Island Chamber of

Lopez Island: on the 4th of July
Lopez Chamber of Commerce - calendar
fireworks are at Fisherman Bay on the 4th

I copied this from the Lopez Chamber website, there is a lot more planned during the year, music, food, art etc.

Event Description

The 4th of July on Lopez Island has become one of Washington State's most treasured celebrations. Many come from all over the country to enjoy a "down home" themed parade and one of the most spectacular community funded fireworks displays you can find anywhere. The island rolls out the red carpet every 4th of July when they host what has become one of the "don't miss" events associated with the beautiful San Juan Islands. Make sure you plan ahead as it has, for good reason, become the busiest time getting to and from Lopez and lodging can fill up quite early in the year. What really makes this great event a success year after year are the multitude of volunteers and generous donations from both local businesses and individuals throughout the local community and families who come to Lopez to enjoy the show year after year.

Join us, for what has grown into a larger than life tradition, this 4th of July. It's a day packed with many events and activities, not to mention an island full of patriotism.

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