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This sites Purpose is ?

The Purpose is to help others by sharing what we know.
We learned the hard way, you don't have to.

     Our first trip started by putting in at Olympia, I thought that was how to visit Victoria and cruise the San Juans.  We foolishly attempted to cross the Strait of Juan De Fuca in the fog with a  truly dangerous and scary massive flood tide sporting fifteen foot waves.  We almost lost everything under the Narrows Bridge at Tacoma when we ran out of fuel. While switching tanks the 10 mph current threatened to drag us under a anchored  barge. (ouch) We paid for reservations at Roche and Friday Harbor and then abandoned our prepaid fees when our plans changed.  We averaged around 10 mph at under 3 mpg  paying dearly for fuel.

     In the end we persevered, had fun and kept coming back.

     It wasn't long before I became acutely aware that there was very little information for first timers and out of area boat travelers with simple questions needing simple answers. We put in at Olympia that first trip because we didn't know any better, we thought it was close by to the San Juans and knew of nowhere else to go. After all isn't, Puget Sound, The San Juans, Juan De Fuca, Hood Canal, all one big place? The simple answer is a resounding hell no! We thought Deception Pass was a dangerous place with massive waves to be avoided at all costs.  We had never heard of Swinomish Channel or Squalicum Harbor, had no idea that wonderful little Jones island even existed.  Things have changed for us in almost twenty years of cruising the area. The simple questions are all answered. Our children arrive in their own boats.  We no longer put in at Olympia unless we are heading for Gig Harbor.

     So, for my enjoyment and to help others I write little tidbits about the area and our good times.  I keep in mind those very simple questions that stump newbies.  

FYI - I have learned enough to confidently write and publish two books - "San Juan Islands Cruise Guide" and "San Juan Islands Travel guide,"  both available at Amazon books.

I have tried to share information that others will find useful, especially  budget conscious trailer boaters dragging along family's.

       Some of my readers will not actually be able to visit the places I write about, so I try to keep articles entertaining,  and include pictures where I can.