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Must a sailor use sails to be called a sailor?



A person whose job it is to work as a member of the crew of a commercial or naval ship or boat, esp. one who is below the rank of officer.
A person who goes sailing as a sport or recreation.

Sailor - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A sailor, mariner, or seaman is a person who navigates water-borne vessels or assists in their operation, maintenance, or service. The term can apply to professional mariners, military personnel, and recreational sailors as well as a plethora of other uses.

1.  seafarer. Sailor, mariner, salt, seaman, tar  are terms for a person who leads a seafaring life. A sailor  or seaman  is  occupation is on board a ship at sea, especially a member of a ship's crew below the rank of petty officer: a sailor before the mast; an able-bodied seaman. Mariner  is a term now found only in certain technical expressions: master mariner  (captain in merchant service); mariner's compass  (ordinary compass as used on ships); formerly used much as “sailor” or “seafaring man,” now the word seems elevated or quaint: Rime of the Ancient Mariner.Salt  and tar  are informal terms for old and experienced sailors:an old salt; a jolly tar.
1.  landlubber.


Sailer - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster Dictionary noun \ˈsā-lər\. Definition of SAILER. : a ship or boat especially having specified sailing qualities. First Known Use of SAILER. 15th century

So, does a power boater even want to be called a sailor?
(how about skipper, and the rest are crew)

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