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Pictorial Hike to Eagle Bluff on Cypress Island

       repost from an earlier time

      Some readers of this blog will never get to hike to the top of Eagle Bluff on Cypress Island so I snapped a whole bunch of pics while I walked along.

I'll try to keep the text to a minimum

 We took the dinghy to shore at Pelican Beach, which is a Department of Natural Resources Site (DNR)  see Pelican Beach >> Read about Pelican Beach on Cypress right here

The boardwalk quickly gives way to forested trail

Many, many pictures yet to see

welcome back

Hint: try double clicking a picture to see if it gets full screen or something else!
(you may lose the picture captions, but sometimes it's worth it)

 Firewood scavenging gives the trail a manicured park-like look for a short distance
Pelican Beach offers free camping sites and anchor buoys

a short way up the trail are some helpful DNR displays
 and where I suspect many people turn around and head back to the boat

steadily but easily we head uphill

come on,  I'm waiting

open areas grow well

solid rock makes poor soil

up and up

there's very little erosion on trail, even though it rains a lot here

blow downs are common

evidence of fire abound

not the top, but worth a look see

expansive views draw you off the trail

still going up

The final push, maybe!

a little beauty along the way

not much dirt on this trail

All in all, an easy and enjoyable walk.

 Overcast weather makes poor pictures, but we appreciated not being in scorching sunshine.

In the background is Peavine Pass on left and Obstruction Pass on right

no eagles in sight today, Smugglers Cove below

of course, a survey marker!

stepping off the edge anywhere up on top would be fatal

heading back down presents some challenges

great views are everywhere you look

I don't remember this switchback

or this erosion

 if you stop and watch you may see a local resident

cut one down and another grows back

heading for the boat and lunch

Pictures from the water of Eagle Bluff on Cypress Island

The round trip hike from Pelican Beach is about 2 1/2 hrs, and remember the trail is closed until after July 15th

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Land and Sea around Matia Island

1 comment:

  1. Great post. I did it once in college 15 years ago and need to go back.


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