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What is the best time of year to visit the San Juans

   The answer is simple if you are coming by boat, it is July and August. If by car, RV or bicycle, the same, July and August.

     Okay, by the time August gets really warmed up, the spring flowers are gone so if flowers are your goal, then early July is better and Butchart Gardens should be on your short list. What about natures crop of young birds, orcas, seal pups and spotted fawns, early July again, even June.  

     Lopez Village, Eastsound and Friday Harbor all have farmers and craft markets open from about May through September.  farmers markets

     Coming for great sailing and empty parks, consider June first. July and August are known for little wind, full docks, and crowded ferries. The fourth of July will be standing room only and reservations required, however the Friday Harbor parade and fireworks are worth the effort. Fourth of July celebrations across the San Juan's

     Foggy drippy weather out in the straits and particularly the Strait of Juan De Fuca may be expected anytime but August and later into fall is more of a sure thing. Late summer may be your best bet for crowd free balmy soft breezes one day and crispy rail down double reefed reaches the next.

best weather in the San Juan's at Roche Harbor 4th of July
4th of July at Roche Harbor

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