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When a boat comes in to the float, should you offer your assistance?

Dinghy and small child
This is a re-post I have moved to 2019

would you offer this guy a hand?

Heck yes!
That's just basic thoughtfulness, if a boat was sinking you would offer aid, (that's the law) give them a lift or pull them from the drink. Right! I certainly hope so.  This would be a good time and place to check out a post called "Paying it Forward" click to rush away and read it!>>
Welcome back, you can now read the rest after the jump >>


In boating and in life there are many out there that are simply not aware or don't care. We can't help either one of those groups.
The considerate boater, and those are the ones that I like, will pay attention to the situation at the float.
If you see an ungainly old gaffer is coming in, and know the current will drag her into the dock, then get out there, and hang around prepared to grab a line of fend off. (he may be headed for your shiny runabout anyway).  If you see an elderly lady crew about to jump to her demise in front of her even older skipper husband, get out there close by, ready to lend a hand, the worst that could happen is she may call you an upstart and then shower you with gifts, after fine wine and dinner.

Most of the time, you don't need any help, and neither do they, but if we stay hidden away, or choose to simply watch, we are inconsiderate and of no help. Besides, an offer to assist is a good conversation starter and sets the tone for the entire visit.

When someone is preparing to cast off, they probably can handle it, but why not offer to throw off that last line, or push the bow out.

When you are coming in or departing on your boat, and someone offers to help you, even if you don't need assistance, remember they are being courteous, and considerate, and are really just saying hello or good bye anyway.
Happy boating starts at the float, so yes, lend a hand.

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