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Seven People - Seven Bicycles - One little boat for our 4th of July at Roche Harbor

Seven People - Seven Bicycles - Two Kayaks - One  Dinghy,
and it was raining lightly.
True our 26 foot trawler is bigger than a 16 foot ski boat but 7 bikes and riders filled us to the top.

Orcas Island  and Orcas Landing

       We just returned from a week long Canada cruise where we tied two bikes on the roof.  With only two of us on board, the bikes never got in the way.  Next we added two more bikes, two kayaks, and two more people for a Lopez and San Juan ride. We still managed to all find seats, but the bikes ended up on the front deck, and we looked through  handlebars and seats to steer. 
(the above pic is a coffee pit stop at Orcas Landing with everyone and everything and its raining)

dinghy dock at roche Harbor

         At Roche we add three more.  We have seven bikes (four out front and three in the cockpit) For seating, we break out two folding chairs and fill the dinette.  Kraken seemed to list a little to starboard (the dinette side) but what the heck.  
This pic is at the end of the long dinghy dock at Roche Harbor.

Bicycling the San Juans by boat is alive and well.
  • two crossed from  Spencer Spit to Lopez Village
  • two pedaled from Roche Harbor to Lime Kiln and back
  • three pedaled from Odlin Park, around Lopez and took a ferry ride back to Friday Harbor
  • three pedaled from Smallpox Bay around San Juan Island
  • thankfully, other than the skipper and mate, all slept on shore in campgrounds
Does anyone know an easy way to get off black tire marks?

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