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Anchoring at Friday Harbor

     If you have been to Friday Harbor, you have probably noticed this medium sized bay immediately north of the boat basin (few hundred feet).  Chances are there was a dozen or so boats anchored.  This bay is reasonably deep from thirty feet in the front to six feet in the back and with good holding.  It is close enough that you can easily paddle, row or motor over to the dinghy dock under the main gangway. If you happen to be in town for the fourth of July you will have a front row seat for the fireworks.

     New comers will be glad to know they have a free anchoring option other than paying for a slip.
BTW,  when you arrive at Friday Harbor you may tie up at the breakwater for free for a short time while you run to the store or grab a shower. There is no need to request permission, simply squeeze in where you can. Try to get on the inside, the outside takes a real beating from wakes.  (so will your boat) If you spend the night at the breakwater the harbor master staff will come and collect payment eventually. There is no discomfort discount so you may as well get  a slip (call on 66) for peace and quiet and water and electricity, none of which you will find out on the breakwater float.

Where to anchor in Friday Harbor

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