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San Juan Islands Cruise Guide

Our just published guidebook (2014) is available at Amazon
To purchase, go to Amazon Books, and Search "San Juan Islands Cruise Guide" or you may click here for San Juan Cruise Guide

The guide contains reviews and pertinent info for all the parks, resorts, and destinations not only in the San Juan's, but the entire area from Deception Pass to Butchart Gardens, and Victoria to Bellingham to La Conner. Two books are available, full color, and a larger black and white edition for a few less boat dollars.

For those just starting out visiting the San Juans, you will find a wealth of practical knowledge. You more experienced skippers will too.

San Juan Islands Cruise guide

San Juan Islands Cruise guide

San Juan Islands Cruise Guide
A Boaters Handbook to the Islands and Surrounding Areas
Available at Amazon Books and other fine stores.

This San Juan Islands Cruising Guide is the perfect gift Idea (click here)


Getting to the San Juans from Anacortes (on your own boat)

Places to travel by boat and places to go camping in the San Juan Islands need a starting destination.  

"Washington Park" and "Cap Sante Boat Haven" in Anacortes fill the bill.

Washington park has a campground and a boat ramp with a float.  You can reserve your camp site in advance, launch and retrieve your boat every day to make day trips, or take an extended cruise into the islands knowing your campground is waiting for you when you return.  You may also choose to not stay at the campground, just launch your boat, and leave your car and trailer in the long term parking lot while you're in the San Juans.

Cap Sante does not have a ramp but has a sling and a travel lift to launch your boat, they can also assist stepping sailboat masts. Guest space is usually available at the dock and long term parking for your car and trailer are just steps away.  You should make arrangements ahead of time for the travel lift and guest docks

There are several other places I recommend over these two.
take a look at this post >>Trailer boat ramps for launching you to the San Juans

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